Spoken English Training
    Spoken English and Communication Skills are essential
    English Communication Skills are the most critical skills that employees need to succeed in the workplace. The ability to communicate effectively, which underscores the importance of communication skills, can be developed at any age. This course immensely helps you acquire those crucial skills.
    Spoken English and Communication Skills
    Spoken English and Communication Skills
    Discover the magic of Spoken English and Communication Skills. This integrated course helps you acquire these most critical skills in a very effective manner. It helps you in mastering all four aspects of the language - Reading, listening, speaking and writing of the English language.

    Spoken English and Communication Skills training

    Course details
    Instructor: Prof. Raju VVLP (30 years industry and teaching experience) Duration: Two months.
    Timings: one hour per weekday (Mon, Tue, Wed, and Thu) or five hours per weekend days.
    Delivery: You need a computer and a broadband internet connection as the course will be delivered in a virtual classroom setting. This is a web-based, instructor-led interactive class

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    Fee: US$300 payable before the start of the class.
    Payment mode: After you find your suitable timings and batch, we will send you the instructions on how to pay your deposit and register

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